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Point Pleasant – Community Lot 1 – Lover’s Lane February 5, 2011

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So one of the first lots that I made for Point Pleasant was a community lot called Lover’s Lane. Despite anything you’ve heard about any local lover’s lane, this one is a bit different…

The way the lot is set up is that it is shortly before a cliff that faces the ocean and gets almost a complete view of the sunset. The cliff is sheer, rocky, and near shale mountains. However, nestled in the mountains is Lover’s Lane. A road leads up to it (so the sims can actually travel to it without running great distances) and a narrow path leads from the road to the cliff, between high jagged rocks. There are three pools/lakes/ponds of water, one of which is a fishing spot. The fish in the pond are Koi. On top of a semi-secret area there is a small campground with a tent and a fire pit, perfect for roasting some marshmallows and cuddling under the stars. Past that is a series of bright red maple trees and park benches. The benches face the cliff AND clusters of Monarch butterflies. When the sun goes down, it’s like a scene from a cheesy romance novel.

The lot is a work in progress, but here are some screenshots:

The chairs in the middle of the path are for a scale reference, so I don’t make things too big or too small. They won’t exist in the final version of the lot. It’s still very much a work in progress. I still have to get ground textures done, more trees, make the bench area look awesome, get those mountains to the edge a little bit more on that one side… and then testing to make sure it all works.


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